About Surroundings Etc.

About Surroundings Etc.

Meet partners Cathy Hartley and Elisa Bondy.

Cathy Hartley  Elisa Bondy

Cathy has a background rich in business experience and design. She owned and operated a successful North American custom exhibit company, where she honed her skills in contractor management, furniture and building layouts, and creative materials design.

Elisa also worked for the exhibit company, where she garnered the same skills, but later worked in retail bedding and interior design. She established a following of devoted homeowners who valued her creative talent for colour coordination, furniture and home design and accessorizing.

A love for interior design and helping people make their lives more beautiful and comfortable led the pair to a Home Staging Diploma course. Now, after many years of staging homes and interior design of homes and commercial spaces, Cathy and Elisa are a formidable pair to have on your side. They are sought after by real estate agents and homeowners, alike.

As a team, they are immensely talented coordinators of fabrics, furniture and accessories. They coordinate styles and patterns with great flair and artistry, and are admired for their good taste.

Surroundings Etc. Home Staging Services help homes sell quickly.

Their Interior Design Services help homeowners quickly feel at home.


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